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10 ways to increase your mobile apps downloads

Getting a mobile application uncovered is the basic challenge that every developer or marketer faces. Hundreds of mobile applications is released every day across iOS, Android, Windows Phone and other platforms which make standing tall in the market even stiffer. Therefore, the marketer needs to plan the best strategies before launching the app and after post launch as well.

Here’s the 10 effective ways to market your app that every app owner needs to follow


1. Sign up for an app store analytics application

In order to accurately understand your organic app distribution progress, you need to first sign up for an analytics tool. The two most prominent are App Annie and MobileDevHQ.


2. Get featured on App review sites

Submit your app for review to numerous app review sites. Provide a promo code so that the editorial staff can review your app without having to pay for it.


3. Word of mouth (Viral)!

Increase social sharing of content within your app as well as your app itself. Try Path which does an amazing job at simplifying social share.


4. Build a great web landing page

Make a well designed and a simple website for your app. when a potential user Google’s your app, they’ll find both your app’s detail page and your homepage. This in turn helps to convert your website visitors to users.


5. Promote from ads within other apps

Promote your app in interactive ads contained in other iPhone apps. Check out these folks for help Medialets,Quattro Wireless, and AdMob.


6. Promote your mobile app within current customer touch points

Promote your new app on receipts, invoices, monthly statements, etc. You can create attention grabbing stickers,whereever appropriate.


7. Get active on niche blogs and forums

If your app is in a specific niche, find a forum or a blog on the web that has the same niche. Get actively involved by answering questions and commenting as much as possible and leave out the link to your app wherever possible.


8. Create presentations for your app

Create and upload a presentation of your app on with description of features and benefits. Creating a demo video for your app also works perfectly to promote the app. So create a demo video not longer than a minute and post it to your website,YouTube and Vimeo.


9. Pricing Strategy

Peggle showed a perfect example of getting a price strategy work by dropping their price from $4.99 to $0.99 for a three day promotion on 11th June, 2009. As a result on June 16, 2009, Peggle achieved a top ranking on the app store due to the popularity of the offer. But such strategy requires an effective publicity around the promotion.


10. Get noticed in the App store/

Get your app noticed in the app store is the most important point that every app owner needs to pre plan. Customers often browse through the top listed apps. The right name can make or break an app. So, choose a unique and catchy name for your app which should also include the most important keywords that potential users will be searching for.


Here’s an Infographic for the same:

10 ways to increase your mobile app downloads

10 ways to increase your mobile app downloads-Infographic


Building an app is a difficult work and marketing it is even tougher. It requires smart strategies and multi faceted approach. Each of the above steps are great tips to march ahead with marketing your app but none are silver bullets.

Are you an app owner or marketer following other tactics to market your app? Is yes, then please feel free to share your tricks!