Links to the latest SEO tools, tips and trends

Links to the latest SEO tips, tools and trends

Everyone loves a good tip on SEO (search engine optimization) right? Lately, I’ve been tweeting  a lot about SEO tips. As I was going through all of my tweets this afternoon; I felt a need to share all these awesome links of blog posts and articles consisting of great tips and techniques that actually helped me with a lot of SEO projects.

Any folks with some web design skills and SEO beginner should be able to take these tips and trends into bank without any problem.

1. Things you should do immediately after running a website

Just launched your website and confused of the direction you should head towards to get your website on search engines? The article lists some of the most important steps you can follow prior to launching your website publicly.

2. 10 SEO Techniques All Top Web Sites Should Use

The article covers all the basic SEO techniques ranging from Meta tags, Meta title to alt tags, XML sitemap and links. The read is a delight for any SEO beginner!

3. How to create an effective keyword list

If you are wondering about the best way to create an effective targeted keywords list; read on article won’t disappoint you!

4. Why Great Content is Vital?

Nothing helps the search engine performance of the website than a well written content. Follow through the article to learn more…

5. Link Structure: Analyzing the most important methods

This article is an insight into all the important methods you can follow-up with to improve the search engine rankings, the page rank flow and the number of pages that get indexed; all through ‘link structure’.

6. 5 great ways to drive traffic to your website or blog

The article effectively puts the light on the need to share the latest blog posts or website or business updates on the leading social media.

7. 12 Steps to becoming a natural at SEO

It pretty much covers the same topic as mentioned in some of the posts as above; but it’s definitely a good read for ‘URL rewriting’.

8. How much does SEO cost?

How much does SEO cost? How much time do you have to discuss the various models and prices out there! This article sheds some light on the subject through a greatly done Infographic.

9. Ten SEO tips for WordPress Bloggers

WordPress undoubtedly is one of the best and most popular blogging and content management systems around. The article shares some ideas one can employ with to get their WordPress site rank high on search engines.

10. Ranking Today

This website is an awesome search engine optimization tool which efficiently helps you understand the SEO tools and teaches you to use and apply them.