How to increase your YouTube videos view count?

How to increase your YouTube videos view count?

Do you have a YouTube channel with all the cool videos; but still lack good number of ’views’? Then this post might be just what you are looking for; here I’ll be putting light on a very simple technique i.e. enabling the ‘Featured tab’ which auto plays the ‘featured’ video. There is a misconception that once needs to become a partner with YouTube to turn on the ‘featured’ option; which is not true! In result, you can see the increased number of views.

So, follow through the few steps below to enable the featured tab and auto play features to enjoy the increase in ‘View’ counts in no time.

Step.1. Once you have logged in to your ‘YouTube Channel’, you need to navigate to ‘Channel Settings’.

Step.2. On the ‘Channel Settings’ option click on ‘Tabs’ which prompts you different options to manage your ‘YouTube Channel’. But here’s what you need to do –

a)      Select ‘Featured Tab’ option from the drop down list of the ‘default tab’ options.

b)      Click on the ‘Featured’ checkbox.

Increasing the YouTube video view counts

Enabling the featured tab in the Channel Settings


Step.3. Once you have completed the edits; click on the ‘Done editing’ option at the top right section of the channel settings to save the changes.

Step.4. you can now see the ‘Feature tab’ along with the ‘Feed’, and ‘Videos’. Here’s what you need to do; click on the ‘Add a Featured Video’ option where you need to enable the few options.

a)      Choose a featured video from your uploads.

b)      Make sure to click on the ‘Most Recent Video in Featured Set’ to automatically update the newly added videos as the featured ones.

c)       Finally, here’s the catch make sure to enable the option c) and d) as shown in an image as below.

d)      Hit the ‘Apply’ button.

Applying the settings to enable the featured video

Applying the settings to enable the featured video option


And Voila there you have your featured video; So now when your channel has a visitor, the video is going to have an auto play; which will add to its view numbers.

Your featured video with an auto play

Your featured video with an auto play


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Incredible Motion Graphics video for Skoda

Motion graphics is my new-found love; which compelled me to add a new category to my blog as ‘Awesome Videos’. Hence, the category will only embrace the amazingly outstanding videos like the name itself suggests. So if you also enjoy watching the well made creative videos; try to stay up close with my blog. Trust me; you will not want to miss out on the upcoming ‘awesome videos’!

For now relish this first astonishing video ‘Skoda Curriculum Vitae’; the video has enjoyed following awards and merits:-

ADC of Europe 2012 – Motion graphics – Nomination
ADC of Germany 2012 – Corporate Image Film – Nomination
New York Festivals 2012 – Advertising – Bronze World Medal – Animation
New York Festivals 2012 – Advertising – Finalist – Special Effects
CLIO Awards 2012 – Film – Animation – Silver
D&AD London 2012 – Film Advertising Crafts / Animation – Book
New York Festivals 2012 – TV & Film – Gold World Medal – Animation
New York Festivals 2012 – TV & Film – Gold World Medal – Public Relation
Die Klappe 2012 – Visual Effects – Bronze
LIA 2011 – Animation – Finalist
Deutscher Werbefilmpreis 2011 – Animation – Winner
Deutscher Werbefilmpreis 2011 – Music – Finalist
Eurobest 2011 – Film Craft – Animation – Gold
Eurobest 2011 – Film Craft – Visual Effects – Silver

30 finest illustrations from dribbble

30 finest Illustrations from Dribbble

We all know of ‘Dribbble’ as the ultimate resource for web designers. It’s got some insanely great design showcase from the finest designers from all over the world including web, print, logo, brandling just to name a few.

However, in this post I’ll walk you down some of the fresh and awesome illustrations from Dribbble. If you’re working on a project and don’t know where to start with; you can refer to these excellent illustrations to gather some professional ideas for your own illustration designs.