Most popular Apps among freelancers

Most popular Apps among freelancers

‘BestVendor’ a free website that helps people find the best apps and software’s based on the recommendations of other users recently conducted a survey on ‘the next trending apps’. The survey had participation of 97 freelancers from parts of US, Europe among which 44% are from technology and media, while 21% work in design and creative fields.

The Different types of SEO clients, which one is you?

The Different types of SEO clients, which one is you?

During my career span of 4 yrs in Search engine optimization, I’ve come across and dealt with several clients. Some are Mr. /Ms I know it all; few are the ideal client that every SEO agency dreams of while some promise to give you migraine.

I’ve come across a really witty but correct infographic that visually portrays the various types of clients that any SEO agency comes across. If you have hired a SEO agent, you should definitely be able to identify yourself with the clients discussed below.

how do i start learning SEO

How to start learning Search Engine Optimization

According to a survey by Netcraft, around 366,848,493 websites got recorded till December 2011 on World Wide Web; which has increased to 47 million host names and 7 million active websites only over the last few months. It has become almost mandatory for all business, organization, public sectors and service providers to acquire a website. Thanks to open source Content Management Systems like WordPress, Joomla, SageFrame and so on; having a website is a much less tedious task!

How to increase your YouTube videos view count?

How to increase your YouTube videos view count?

Do you have a YouTube channel with all the cool videos; but still lack good number of ’views’? Then this post might be just what you are looking for; here I’ll be putting light on a very simple technique i.e. enabling the ‘Featured tab’ which auto plays the ‘featured’ video. There is a misconception that once needs to become a partner with YouTube to turn on the ‘featured’ option; which is not true! In result, you can see the increased number of views.

So, follow through the few steps below to enable the featured tab and auto play features to enjoy the increase in ‘View’ counts in no time.

Step.1. Once you have logged in to your ‘YouTube Channel’, you need to navigate to ‘Channel Settings’.

Step.2. On the ‘Channel Settings’ option click on ‘Tabs’ which prompts you different options to manage your ‘YouTube Channel’. But here’s what you need to do –

a)      Select ‘Featured Tab’ option from the drop down list of the ‘default tab’ options.

b)      Click on the ‘Featured’ checkbox.

Increasing the YouTube video view counts

Enabling the featured tab in the Channel Settings


Step.3. Once you have completed the edits; click on the ‘Done editing’ option at the top right section of the channel settings to save the changes.

Step.4. you can now see the ‘Feature tab’ along with the ‘Feed’, and ‘Videos’. Here’s what you need to do; click on the ‘Add a Featured Video’ option where you need to enable the few options.

a)      Choose a featured video from your uploads.

b)      Make sure to click on the ‘Most Recent Video in Featured Set’ to automatically update the newly added videos as the featured ones.

c)       Finally, here’s the catch make sure to enable the option c) and d) as shown in an image as below.

d)      Hit the ‘Apply’ button.

Applying the settings to enable the featured video

Applying the settings to enable the featured video option


And Voila there you have your featured video; So now when your channel has a visitor, the video is going to have an auto play; which will add to its view numbers.

Your featured video with an auto play

Your featured video with an auto play


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Links to the latest SEO tools, tips and trends

Links to the latest SEO tips, tools and trends

Everyone loves a good tip on SEO (search engine optimization) right? Lately, I’ve been tweeting  a lot about SEO tips. As I was going through all of my tweets this afternoon; I felt a need to share all these awesome links of blog posts and articles consisting of great tips and techniques that actually helped me with a lot of SEO projects.

Any folks with some web design skills and SEO beginner should be able to take these tips and trends into bank without any problem.

1. Things you should do immediately after running a website

Just launched your website and confused of the direction you should head towards to get your website on search engines? The article lists some of the most important steps you can follow prior to launching your website publicly.

2. 10 SEO Techniques All Top Web Sites Should Use

The article covers all the basic SEO techniques ranging from Meta tags, Meta title to alt tags, XML sitemap and links. The read is a delight for any SEO beginner!

3. How to create an effective keyword list

If you are wondering about the best way to create an effective targeted keywords list; read on article won’t disappoint you!

4. Why Great Content is Vital?

Nothing helps the search engine performance of the website than a well written content. Follow through the article to learn more…

5. Link Structure: Analyzing the most important methods

This article is an insight into all the important methods you can follow-up with to improve the search engine rankings, the page rank flow and the number of pages that get indexed; all through ‘link structure’.

6. 5 great ways to drive traffic to your website or blog

The article effectively puts the light on the need to share the latest blog posts or website or business updates on the leading social media.

7. 12 Steps to becoming a natural at SEO

It pretty much covers the same topic as mentioned in some of the posts as above; but it’s definitely a good read for ‘URL rewriting’.

8. How much does SEO cost?

How much does SEO cost? How much time do you have to discuss the various models and prices out there! This article sheds some light on the subject through a greatly done Infographic.

9. Ten SEO tips for WordPress Bloggers

WordPress undoubtedly is one of the best and most popular blogging and content management systems around. The article shares some ideas one can employ with to get their WordPress site rank high on search engines.

10. Ranking Today

This website is an awesome search engine optimization tool which efficiently helps you understand the SEO tools and teaches you to use and apply them.


How to create a mobile version of your website?

How to create a mobile version of your website?

Have you tried creating a mobile version of your website?
Here is a useful article that points the tips and techniques to ‘get your website mobile friendly’.

Tips and techniques to creating a mobile version of your website.

Tips and techniques to creating a mobile version of your website.

Whether you are in a quiet waiting room or a bustling restaurant, people around are mostly glued to their cell phones. Within the next five years, “More users will connect to the internet over mobile devices than desktop PCs,” says Morgan Stanley’s analyst Mary Meeker. With growing number of consumers browsing through web pages using their smart phones, it’s crucial for you to make your website accessible to these potential customers.

read more..


The article also lights an argument on people’s preference over virtual and physical keyboard. Would you rather use virtual or physical keyboard? I prefer “cell” and tablets with physical QWERTY keyboard.

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Get instant answers to your question with Google Talk Guru

Get quick answers to your questions with Google Talk Guru

Google has a new Google Labs experiment out called ‘Google Talk Guru’. While not everything that Google labs tests out makes the cut, it is always fun to try the new innovations they are cooking up.

What is Google Talk Guru?

Google Talk Guru is a new Google bot that answers simple queries within Google talk. It responds to several commands and queries covering weather, sports, mathematical calculations, text translation, word definitions, currency conversion and even search Google all from the chat window.

Search for queries with Google Talk Guru

Search for various syntax in the Google chat window itself

How to use Google Talk Guru?

In order to use Google Talk Guru, you first need to send an invitation to in Gmail Chat, Google Talk or any other Jabber client. Since, Google Talk Guru is still an experimental feature, sometimes phrases will not work or will not give you the correct information.

Let us take a look at some examples of how to use the Google Talk Guru.

If you’re looking for the weather, you could type in ‘weather london’. You use the weather command followed by a city.

Various simple commands you can use for easy search results

Various simple commands you can use for easy search results

Is Google Talk Guru worth chatting with?

Like any other software or application in a testing phase; while Google Talk Guru may not work all the time. But it’s definitely makes it easier to search for simple equation without opening up the calculator or finding the definition to a word without pulling up a dictionary all from your chat box. Guru does answer a good variety of questions and it works right within your favorite IM app. It’s well worth adding to your friend list, especially for getting answers on the go on your mobile device of choice.

best open source content management systems

10 best open source content management systems

Long gone is time when designers and developers worked on coding HTML/CSS pages for a website project. These days there are plenty options when it comes to picking a content management systems; regardless of what type of site you’re building, there’s probably one perfectly suited to it.

While, open-source CMSs such as WordPress, Drupal and Joomla have become a household name among designers and developers. However, there are many other content management systems that are more than capable of accommodating the needs of your website. As a matter of fact, some of the not so popular CMSs come with features that cannot be found in the standard CMS. Hence, here we take a look at some of the comprehensive list of the top 10 best open source content management systems.


WordPress Open source content management system

WordPress Open source content management system

WordPress, a PHP blogging platform is the most popular CMS for blogging and overall. It’s a great platform for beginners, thanks to their effortlessly good documentation and quick installation wizard. With a wide base of plugins and themes to choose from you can easily make a website that you’ve always dreamed of!


Drupal is an open source content management system

Drupal is an open source content management system

Drupal is a pure CMS that has a very large and an active community loved by a number of high-profile companies and organizations such as the United Nations, Sony Music, Warner Brothers Records, AOL, Yahoo and many more. It is highly extensible as it powers more than 6,000 modules; and its robust community support only adds to the strength of this CMS.

More example Drupal sites can be seen on Dries Buytaert’s blog.


Joomla is an open source content management system

Joomla is an open source content management system

Joomla is an award-winning content management system (CMS) to build websites and powerful online applications; also used by some prominent companies such as MTV, Harvard University, and IHOP. One of the plus points of using this CMS is its active developer community with over 200,00 users and contributors.


MODX is an open source content management system

MODX is an open source content management system

This content management system and web application framework was awarded Packt Publishing’s ‘Most Promising Open Source Content Management system in 2007’. It has an active, global end-user and developer communities.  Linus in 2008 reviewed it as an easy-to-use, standards-complaint, search engine friendly, functional and extensible CMS.



Typo3 is an open source content management system

Typo3 is an open source content management system

Typo3 is a free and open source content management framework with more than 5,000 extensions; delivered with a base set of interfaces, functions and modules; its huge functionality spectrum is implemented by extensions.



ExpressionEngine is an open source content management system

ExpressionEngine is an open source content management system

ExpressionEngine is a flexible and simple CMS solution of all types of project. It comes packed with helpful features like the ability to have multiple sets with one installation of software; it requires no knowledge of PHP, and has extensive online documentation. The software has earned reputation for creating websites for less-than-savvy clients that need to use the backend without getting confused.


Contao (Formerly Typolight):

Contao is an open source content management system

Contao is an open source content management system

Contao has an innate user interface that uses Ajax and Web 2.0 technologies for optimal usability. The advantage of Contao is its clear structure, a high level of security and simple extensibility through modules. The framework also supports multiple languages, offers an integrated Data Manager and the mandatory search engine.



DotNetNuke is an open source content management system

DotNetNuke is an open source content management system

DotNetNuke is an intuitive and powerful content management system based on Asp.Net technology; very dynamic in terms of functionality, features and security. The admin interface is fairly innate and the code base is extremely consistent; and also highly extensible through modules. There are tons of 3rd party module developers such as SnowCovered and DNN Market Place.



Concrete5 is an open source content management system

Concrete5 is an open source content management system

Concrete5 is a powerful open source content management system which enables users to edit site content directly from the page. This makes the platform easy to use with a minimum of technical skills. The software also allows users to edit images through an embedded editor on the page. According to the 2010 Open Source CMS Market Share Report, concrete5′s developer community is the fastest growing among any open source CMS.The community and support surrounding concrete5 make it a very appealing CMS for users at the beginning and intermediate levels.



SageFrame is an open source content management system

SageFrame is an open source content management system

SageFrame is relatively very young CMS platform amongst mentioned above; it is a promising content management system based on Asp.Net technology. It comes with several built-in modules at its installation such as banner, blog, breadcrumb, contact UI,FAQ, HTML, menu, news, sage search, RSS Reader, Side menu, news subscription, web analytics and so on.

Which CMS do you use? I’m sure many of you love WordPress, but have you tried any of the ones listed here?  Or is there one you think should have been included in the list?


how to make YouTube videos widescreen

How to make your YouTube videos widescreen

YouTube has now gone over the modern era if I might call it like that, by releasing a quality option of 720 or 1080p HD or widescreen as well. So, it’s killed me to get my old videos on YouTube to appear widescreen; human nature we want everything trendy! After tedious hours of searching through internet and applying every possible setting on YouTube; I uncovered a simple trick that’s worked like ‘magic’.

Follow through these few steps and Voila enjoy the new widescreen look of your videos:-

  1. Click on ‘Edit Video‘.
  2. Go to ‘Info and settings’,
  3. Just enter yt:stretch=16:9 code in the tags section at the end of the tags, this zooms in on the 16:9 area and removes window boxing of your video.
Widescreen YouTube video after applying a code in the tag section

Widescreen YouTube video after applying a code in the tag section

I hope this little trick will come in handy! It really did for me!


AspxCommerce opensource e-commerce software

Social Commerce with AspxCommerce

As described by the Forbes“2012is primed to be the year of social”; we understand that social media is absolutely crucial for an online business to explore new heights and help a merchant succeed in the web arena. Social media allows you to engage more customers, have new businesses, and most importantly, extract invaluable customer’s feedback that will in turn motivate other customers to use your service. This will eventually lead into increased sales.One of the significant aspects of AspxCommerce e-commerce solution is the Social Commerce feature. Features that offer your e-commerce site a perfect environment for users to interact and share their opinion.

It’s not the company’s website or Facebook or Twitter account that drives new customer to join your service, but the consumer feedback states nielsenwire. AspxCommerce community edition offers efficient social media tools such as Ratings & Reviews, Compare, Wishlist, Email a friend, SocialBookmarks and Product tags right out of the box. These feature help your customers compare quality of products, share their opinion about a product,share in social media, gather instant feedback and most importantly, shop with ease. Furthermore, as you’ll have real-time access to your customer behavior at your fingertips you need not wait for long to know the feedback or the trend developing in the consumption of information on your site. Therefore an advantage to publish the positive feedback to encourage potential buyers is always at hand. Meanwhile, you can also work towards improving the shortcomings suggested by customers.

Hence, we, the AspxCommerce team, have integrated all the essential social tools required for your e-commerce store to keep your visitors engaged as well as make your site more livelier and . Therefore using the AspxCommerce community edition with a social view-point can be a win-win situation for you as a Merchant and your customers as well.